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Welcome to ADR Modifications - The Unique Car Stylist

At ADR Modifications, we serve you only with the highest quality of service and workmanship from our experienced technicians. Thanks to this high quality work, dedication and hard work in the few past years, we’ve been able to with over many customers from all over the city of Melbourne and its suburbs.

As a licensed vehicle compliance garage we are authorised to inspect and test vehicles so that they comply with the Australian Design Rules. Our compliance service extends to new as well as used imported vehicles giving you the complete freedom to choose the dream vehicle without any pressure.

There is no better place than ADR Modifications to style your vehicle; and as we have been in the automotive trade for a quarter of a century you can benefit from our vast experience and expert knowledge. It all began in 1989 when we gave life to the long held passion for cars and after 25 years, we are considered as one of Melbourne’s leading compliance and car modification garages. Coupled with the wealth of experience with the latest technological advances, we can make your dream vehicle comply with the very high Australian design standards.

We comply imported cars in-line with National standards for vehicle safety. In recognising our high quality of service and workmanship we have been awarded with the ISO 9001 certificate by the International Standard Organisation. This is a great testament for the high level of service we deliver to every customer that takes their vehicle through our gates. With the all the latest technological equipment at our disposal together with a vast experience of 25 years we can solve all problems with your vehicle quickly and reliably. On top of it all, we offer unbeatable competitive prices.



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